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We have riders of all ages (over 18), shapes and sizes. Some are seasoned roadies who think little of a 100 miler ride, others are real ‘tryers’ with very little cycling experience when they first sign up but who take the challenge head on. Of course, most of our riders are somewhere in between – which is a big range! We strongly maintain that if you take it seriously and put in the work, there’s a place for everyone on tour.

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We’ll give you tonnes of support throughout the year of your preparation. We encourage and support you at every step, with training blogs, motivational blogs and we can also put you in touch with other riders local to you who are also training.

The field of riders on any given day can be very widely spread. We neutralise the first 40km every day to give everyone a chance to chat and gently warm into the ride. After that, you’re free to go at your own pace. You’ll soon find the riders who are a similar speed – and if you drop off the back of a group, it won’t be long before the next group catches you up and gives you a wheel.

On a huge mountain day, it’s not unusual for our riders to be out until 9, 10pm in order to complete the stage. We’ll be right there with you, supporting you all the way (for as long as you are not a danger to yourself!).

If, for any reason, you are trailing wildly behind the rest of the pack, we may take the decision to ask you to get in a support van and leapfrog you ahead along the route. This is very unusual and only done in extreme cases, and even then very reluctantly. We know how important this ride is to you and our priority is to support your effort, while looking after everyone’s safety too.

New to cycling...

Melanie Johnson

"I had an original Raleigh Racer as a youngster (35 years ago!!) (but) I hadn’t really been on a bike for 15 years."
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Tom Holdaway

"I got my first road bike 10 months before I took part! Other than commuting, my cycling experience was almost none."
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Andy Smith

"When I got the confirmation I'd got my place to ride the Grand Loop, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!"
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Russ Middleton

"I hadn’t done very much cycling at all really. Certainly not ridden any mountains, nor had I ever cycled outside of the south west."
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New to multi-stage events...

Alex Gunby

"I wanted to see if I could do more, so riding 6 stages of the Tour De France was the obvious next step".
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Rory Watson

"Before I signed up for Le Loop the first time, I had a road bike but I didn’t use it regularly."
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Ella Green

"Before Le Loop I thought there were rides I could never do, now I just think how am I ever going to do them all!"
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Katy Hebditch

"Unconfident but determined plodder, I tackled my first mountain in Tenerife just 2 months before I rode the Alpine TDF stages with Le Loop"
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Seasoned cyclist looking for the next challenge…

Peter Thompson & Lee Oxley

"Embrace the experience. Not many of us will play at Wembley or Lords ... we can cycle in the playground of the pros though!"
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Chris Glazier

"I started riding (and squeezing into lycra!) at the grand old age of 50, essentially to keep fit and try and keep some of the ...
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Jenn Brittain

"I have always defined myself as academic rather than sporty, so to have someone refer to me as an athlete still gives me goosebumps."
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Simon Nicholl

"As a seasoned roadie, Le Loop allowed me to realise one of my few two-wheeled ambitions."
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