A Greener Tour

It’s important to us that we behave ethically and environmentally to the best of our abilities and we know how much that matters to you too.

Of course, the nature of our event presents plenty of challenges and constraints, both with logistics and time. But we have a committed, principled team of staff and we invest time in ‘doing the right thing’ – e.g. recycling waste even when hotels don’t have facilities for this. We want to make sure that everything we can do better … we do do better.

In 2022 we had a consultation with a group of alumni cyclists and Le Loop staff which was followed by a consultation with Friends of the Earth (very kindly arranged by another Alumna) which was informative and very, very helpful – and as a result, during the 2022 Tour we made several improvements and changes to event operations. In 2023 we will be adding even more initiatives to become a greener event. These are some of our current commitments already in place…


  • All staff are offered the option of travelling to/from the event by train instead of plane, even if it costs more and takes longer.
  • We research and advise cyclists on train travel options to get to/from their Loops and give personal help if necessary.
  • We provide bike transport from/to the UK to make train travel easier and to reduce plane cargo.


  • We operate a paper-free office. No Le Loop materials are printed or posted to cyclists unless requested.
  • Recycled and recyclable mailing bags for posting kit.
  • Choosing ethical suppliers wherever possible and prioritising companies with the best green credentials.
  • Ethical banking.

On Tour

  • We partner with Vegware to ensure that all our feedstop plates, bowls, cutlery and cups are biodegradeable.
  • We only use recycled/recyclable/biodegradable bin bags and wetwipes.
  • Recycling bins are alongside waste bins at all feedstops.
  • All feedstops are vegetarian and one evening meal per week will be vegetarian for everyone.
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