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Featured Rider – Wim Chalmet

“The initial question ‘Can I do this?’ becomes a more collective response ‘Together we will do this and support each other as we go along!’”.

Humbled, impressed and motivated!

2 Fantastic charity visits to Regenerate and PYCP – with Palace for Life still to come. Read on to hear more about how humbled, impressed and motivated our riders are after these visits.

Charity Visits

All riders are warmly invited to come and visit one of the projects supported by WWMT, to see for yourselves how some of your hard-raised cash is spent. We currently have 2 visits set up for February. Details for a 3rd visit in March are pending. All dates and details are listed in the ‘Dates […]

Q&A with Kate

January is a time to get focused on your challenge ahead, if you haven’t already. It can be a daunting, nerve wracking prospect (not just the cycling, but the fundraising too), but we know from years of experience that it’s eminently achievable. So we decided to talk to someone who’s done it all before – and helped hundreds more to achieve it too.

Feel the fear … and sign up anyway

“I’m very aware that you only get one chance at life”. Maureen tells her inspiring story.

Staff Profile – The Tour Manager

Meet Tour Manager Sarah Perry and find out what her role involves on tour.

Featured Rider – Phil Bingham

For our Featured Rider this week, meet Phil – he rode the full tour in 2013 and keeps coming back to ride shorter loops (he can’t keep away!) so he has great tips for all our 2019 riders. Owner/founder of VeloVixen – Home of Women’s Cycling Kit, we’re their biggest fans! Read on … NAME:                Phil […]

The Condors show how fundraising is done

The team from Cowley Road Condors (Becci, Jen, Jo and Cheryl) have a combined fundraising target of £4,800. It’s fair to say they were pretty daunted by this at first, but they’ve thrown themselves into it and here we are, just 2 months into their Le Loop adventure and they’ve already raised over £2,000! So […]

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