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    Spring Training in Mallorca

    A winter training camp isn’t going to suit every budget, or squeeze into everyone’s holiday allowance, but could it be just the thing for your Le Loop 2020 preparations? …

    Expect the Unexpected

    I always try to ask riders, after a few days on the road, if there’s anything that’s surprised them – they almost always have an answer on the tip of their tongue …

    Now more than ever …

    Trustee Rick Wates talks about why the work confronting knife crime supported by WWMT is so critical – now more than ever

    Staff Profile – ‘The Physio’

    Le Loop team member Claire tells us more about life on tour as one of our crack team of physios.

    Featured Rider – Wim Chalmet

    “The initial question ‘Can I do this?’ becomes a more collective response ‘Together we will do this and support each other as we go along!’”.

    Humbled, impressed and motivated!

    2 Fantastic charity visits to Regenerate and PYCP – with Palace for Life still to come. Read on to hear more about how humbled, impressed and motivated our riders are after these visits.

    Charity Visits

    All riders are warmly invited to come and visit one of the projects supported by WWMT, to see for yourselves how some of your hard-raised cash is spent …

    Q&A with Kate

    Daunted? We talk to someone who’s done it all before – and helped hundreds more to achieve it too …

    Feel the fear … and sign up anyway

    “I’m very aware that you only get one chance at life”. Maureen tells her inspiring story.

    Staff Profile – The Tour Manager

    Meet Tour Manager Sarah Perry and find out what her role involves on tour.

    Featured Rider – Phil Bingham

    Phil rode the full tour in 2013 and keeps coming back to ride shorter loops (he can’t keep away!) …

    The Condors show how fundraising is done

    Don’t be daunted … throw yourselves into it!

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