We've changed our name...

... formerly ‘Tour de Force’

Le Blog

Check out our blogs (and vlogs!) here. We post daily during the Tour, so follow us as we travel around France.

Plus – Le Loop on Social Media:

Emily’s January Training Advice

The first of my monthly blogs – how to survive January!

Best Fundraisers for the Christmas Season

Tap into that feeling of festive goodwill to give your fundraising a boost

Emily’s December Training Advice

All that stands between you and France are seven-and-a-bit months of training. Oh, and winter.

Alternative Advent Calendar Fundraiser

Send a little bit of daily joy to your donors each day of December.

How to ride cobbles

2022 is a ‘cobbles’ year! But maybe this is more about perspective and attitude than lumps and bumps?

Route 2022 Analysis

The 2022 route will feel quite full-on (definitely in a good way).

Emily’s Welcome Training Blog

Congratulations – we’re delighted to have you with us for 2022 and we’re looking forward to meeting you in Copenhagen or beyond next summer

WWMT 100 Club Challenge

Choose a challenge that involves 100, then go all out to raise at least £100 for The William Wates Memorial Trust

Ride Le Tour in a Day

Find out how you can team up with other riders to complete 3417.5 km (2,124 miles) of the 2021 Tour de France route in a single day and raise much-needed funds for WWMT

Summer 2021 Fundraising Challenge!

We’re launching our one-off Summer 2021 Fundraising Campaign and we hope you’ll join in the fun!

New Grants for Brilliant Charities

New grants have been awarded to some exemplary charities. Hear some of their stories.

Tom’s Epic Halloween Everest

Try to imagine riding 300km, climbing 10,303m in just under 24 hours … in pouring freezing rain and howling headwind … in October … mostly in the dark. Sounds like fun?

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