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... formerly ‘Tour de Force’

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Check out our blogs (and vlogs!) here. We post daily during the Tour, so follow us as we travel around France.

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Alternative Advent Calendar Fundraiser

Use the concept of the Advent Calendar to send a little bit of daily joy to your donors each day of December. Here’s how:

Tom’s Epic Halloween Everest

Try to imagine riding 300km, climbing 10,303m in just under 24 hours … in pouring freezing rain and howling headwind … in October … mostly in the dark. Sounds like fun?

Fundraising How To … Kindred

There are some ridiculously easy wins for fundraising, and Kindred is one of them.

Fundraising 101

We’re going to help and support you every step of the way … so let’s get started!

Emily’s Autumn training advice

Welcome to Le Loop and my first training blog for the 2021 Tour! We’re delighted to have you with us and we’re looking forward to meeting you in Brittany or beyond next summer

The Tour in 24

After the success of ‘The Tour That (never) Was, on each day of the pro tour, we’re going to celebrate our own Tours gone by.

The Tour That (never) Was

A daily celebration of Tours that have been … and that are still to come – for 24 days. VIVE LE TOUR!

When things don’t go to plan

We all know what it’s like when a ride doesn’t go to plan … We’ll spend a short time crying and kicking the bike, we’ll comfort ourselves with jelly babies – and then we’ll set about patching things up and making our way to our destination however we can.

Silent Disco Fundraiser – How to!

“What we really enjoyed about doing this was the fact that everybody really enjoyed themselves. I can recommend it as a feel-good way of raising money.”


Le Loop is a family affair!

Friday Featured Rider – Rob Speers

Rob is most likely to be found chatting somewhere in the pack to new riders for the first 40km of a stage, before blasting off to lead the peloton into a headwind for the rest of the stage.

Riders visit Motiv8 charity near Portsmouth

“The visit gave us a real insight into the challenges these young people face and the wonderful work done by those that really care”.

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