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... formerly ‘Tour de Force’

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Check out our blogs (and vlogs!) here. We post daily during the Tour, so follow us as we travel around France.

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Fundraising Total 2022!

You wonderful people have raised a staggering £485,320! Bravo!!

Riders’ Blogs – the showcase!

No one tells this story better than the riders themselves.

Tour Report 2022

Back on the road again after a 2 year hiatus and it feels GOOD. A stunning route, glorious weather and a record-breaking fundraising year.

2022 Tour Blog

Your daily update from the 2022 Tour!

How to get that last 20% of fundraising in

Some top tips for how to bring in that final 20% of fundraising by the end of August in the most fun ways possible.

Mechanicals aren’t a problem with Canyon on the team

There’s nothing worse than mechanical failure on an epic endurance ride like Le Loop. It can shatter dreams … but not now!

Emily’s June Training Advice

As you read this you will probably be … fretting about your level of fitness, and all the training you haven’t got round to doing.

Things I wish I’d known …

What our Alumni ‘wished someone had told them’ before they rode Le Loop

Expect the Unexpected

I always try to ask riders, after a few days on the road, if there’s anything that’s surprised them – they almost always have an answer on the tip of their tongue …

Charity Visit Report – Community Cycleworks

“I would certainly recommend a charity visit for any Le Loop rider” – Andy Hayton

How to ride cobbles

2022 is a ‘cobbles’ year! But maybe this is more about perspective and attitude than lumps and bumps?

Rick Wates on youth poverty

Quite often you’ll hear us talking about disadvantaged young people so what is it that we mean when we talk about young people in Britain experiencing severe disadvantage?

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