Peter & Lee

Plenty of our riders come in pairs, or groups of mates. Peter and Lee are a great example. Having ridden the mountains with Le Loop in earlier years, they returned for a 2nd bite of the quiche, along with a couple of extra mates – and the team moniker ‘Back Street Boys’.

Name: Peter Thompson, if we are using the band theme “Back Street Boys” I am the talented, slightly more handsome one who goes off solo, then comes back, however falls out with the chubby one and then leaves… but wait, and comes back again…
Location: live in Englefield green, work in West End

Name: Lee Oxley
Age Slightly older than Peter
Location: Nr Reading, Berkshire

lee oxley and peter thompson - Copy


Peter: 2013 TDF Alps, 7 stages, was found out on day 1 by Ventoux, loved it though. 2017 Alps with Lee. 2018 Pyrenees with Lee and others.
3 x half Ironman, 1 full
Windsor to Harrogate not stop ride in 17 hours
9 marathons

Lee : Nothing more than regular weekend rides and the odd sportive around Reading, Windsor, Henley etc. 

Words of wisdom: embrace the experience, not many of us will play at Wembley or Lords, we can cycle in the playground of the pros though! Eat and don’t be picky. Pre ride emulate the conditions if you can, go long back to back on your training rides… your body can cope with 1 x 100 miles, 2 / 3 days in a row and you notice niggles… Listen to the advice the team give you, they don’t waste their breath. Don’t be a ****. We are doing this for charity, you’re not a pro, not even close, enjoy it, stop and take photos, help someone who is having a bad day etc. When you get a chance, sleep! 2018 was my best Tour yet – I really let myself enjoy it and didn’t take it or myself too seriously. Even ate a pizza which I never do…

Do it. Le Loop is a fantastic organised event. You literally do not have to do anything but ride your bike and you truly appreciate the time and energy everyone involved makes just so you can ride your bike. You make friends for life and discover you might not like the friends you have, especially those that don’t sleep much when you are sharing a room! You will be amazed at what you can achieve, even riding three or more stages has a massive effect on what you can truly achieve and it is so hard to put into words how much you enjoy it. You are riding the actual stages of the Tour! You also find you can only really talk to people who have done it as no one else quite understands it or is sick of hearing about it!

Where are you now?

Peter – Back at work after a vacation (in which I cycled everyday) I am inspired, yes, more than ever. Meeting some of the people that the charity has helped and listening to them was something special. If you’re feeling sorry for yourself this is the wakeup call… its proof that everybody is capable of so much, it’s about being pointed in the right direction or being given a chance.

Not sure about 2019, I am planning a 3-day race in March and need to figure out some logistics with wife and children. They sacrifice a lot for me, need to do a bit of investing here. However I have vowed to have ridden 50 stages of the tour by my 50th birthday, so it won’t be long until I am back. (Ed. Peter continues to return each year – creeping towards his 50 stages!)

Lee – I’ve done Le Loop mountain stages for two years running now and of course, you want to go bigger next time so next years plans are being formulated. As for doing the full Tour, what else am I going to do when I’m 50!!!  Certainly not a luxurious holiday with my wife!!!

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