We've changed our name...

... formerly ‘Tour de Force’

Bike Transport

How does my bike get there?

We try to be as helpful as we can and we know that transporting your bike on planes and trains can be a bit of a nightmare. So we offer bike transport…

Vans go to and from France throughout the event (exact drop off and pick up points, UK wide, will be announced in January when we have organised all of the necessary logistics). Bike transfers cost £30 per bike, per transfer and can be bought in January at the time of second payments.

If you’d prefer to bring your bike on the train/plane, that’s absolutely fine. We’re happy to store soft cases and cardboard boxes, but unfortunately we have to have a zero tolerance policy towards hard cases. This isn’t to be mean, it’s just because they take up so much room in the vans that we’d need an extra truck just to keep them all with us.

If you are a signed up rider, you will find full details of bike transport logistics in your Rider Zone.

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