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Visit a Charity

We positively encourage our fundraisers and supporters to visit the charities supported by William Wates Memorial Trust (WWMT) grants.

We organise 2 or 3 charity visits for our Loopers each year over the winter months. We will also arrange a tailor made visit wherever possible if requested. You can find a full list of the charities currently supported by WWMT here.

While the majority are located in the South East of England, we do have some ‘outliers’ in places like Devon and Cornwall, Scotland and the Midlands. Because charities are typically supported by grants over 2-3 years, the list of charities we currently support is regularly updated. If you want to check if there’s something near you, drop Kate a line.

Scheduled Charity Visits

We had a great visit to the XO Bikes / Onwards and Upwards project in Lewisham back in November. Big thanks to those who were able to join us. Here’s what they had to say:

“Seeing the set up at XO Bikes and the work they are doing and the joy on the faces of the lads (trainee mechanics) we saw was inspirational”.
“It gave me a better sense of what the charity is trying to achieve overall, but more specifically showcased the difference that XO bikes are making to people’s lives”.
“I found the evening inspiring and humbling in equal measure!”.

Details for future charity visits will be listed here throughout the year.

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