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We follow the exact route of each year’s Tour de France, with the following exceptions…

We cycle in and out of hotels rather than the exact town-centre start and finish points. This might mean a 2 – 5 kilometre difference at the start or end of each stage (depending on how close to the finish we can find accommodation).

If there is a morning transfer (to a stage start 20 or 30km from the previous stage end), we’ll start from a car park or open area where we can lay out the bikes and park our coach (again, not necessarily the exact start point).

If there is a section of road which we think is unsafe for cyclists, we’ll re-route around on smaller side roads. In reality, this is very rare and probably amounts to a total of 10 or 15 kms each year.

It goes without saying but we have to obey traffic rules. So if the Tour go the wrong way down a one way road, we don’t! These detours are very small.

Occasionally we come to a closed road (road works, accident, village fete) and in these cases we just re-route around and rejoin the Tour route as soon as possible.

The only exception to the above rules is stage 21 going into Paris. The tour often uses roads which are too big and fast for us – and we don’t think you’d want to cycle multiple laps of the central Paris Loop. So we start in (or pass through) the right place but then necessarily alter the route. We always finish by passing the Eiffel Tower for photos and then making just one lap of the Paris Tour loop before heading to our hotel (and a big party)! Obviously, for the 2024 this is not relevant due to the Nice finish.

We think we offer the best supported, most friendly event you can ride. Your Loop cost covers all of the following…

  • Accommodation (Mostly twin share. Single supplements are available to buy at cost price from January).
  • All food (breakfast and dinner in hotels plus 4 of the best feedstops you’ve ever seen each day).
  • Fully signed route, the stuff of legend.
  • Mechanical support including spare bikes. There is no charge for mechanical assistance (parts sold at cost price) or the use of a spare bike/ wheel for a day or two (however, if your bike cannot be fixed and you have more than 2 days left on tour, we’ll speak to you about your options and will make sure you find a happy solution).
  • Medical support from two volunteer doctors and 2 physiotherapists (massage is available from massage therapists at extra cost).
  • Luggage Transfers (your main luggage will be taken from each hotel to the next).
  • Day bag vehicles (you can leave a day bag in each of the two feedstop vans each morning and have access to them every 40 kms at the feedstops).
  • Coach transfers to the next stage start when the stages aren’t contiguous.
  • Travel to and from your Loop (but we’ll give you advice on the best travel routes)
  • Bike Transport (£40 each way if you want us to drive your bike there and back from one of our bike hubs – £30 if bought before end of March)
  • Evening massage (£10 or 10€ per massage if you’d like one. No need to pre-book: our massage therapists and physios will be on hand every evening when you arrive at the hotel)
  • Beer/wine/dinner drinks!

Le Loop exclusively supports the William Wates Memorial Trust and we don’t allow our cyclists to raise money for other charities.

Whilst we know that there are many causes and charities which are dear to our cyclists’ hearts, there are many reasons why we stick to our rules.

Read the full fundraising policy here.

Yes! We eat breakfast and dinner in hotels so we’ll speak to them and make sure that your meals are vegetarian (or something-free).

At our Le Loop feedstops (4 each day), we have a special box for people with dietary requirements and we’ll keep it stocked according to the needs of our cyclists. So you’ll have access to the usual feedstop food (bananas, nuts, sandwiches, rice/pasta, salads, cake…) but also to extra supplies if and when you need them.

If you’re vegetarian, have special dietary needs or have any questions about your diet in France, please let us know.

On average, half the group is made up of Grand Loopers and half the group of Loop cyclists. However, due to overlapping Loops and variation in Loop popularity, numbers can vary quite a bit throughout the three weeks.

The smallest number of cyclists on the road with us on any given day is around 65 and the largest around 110. This number means there are cyclists of every speed and ability and enough people to create a great atmosphere on the road and at dinner – whilst never being too many. We pride ourselves on knowing all our cyclists and offering a brilliant, personal service.

Firstly, we have a huge variety of abilities on tour and a Loop for everyone; whilst some may cycle happily up a 25km climb looking for a strava pb, others may take double the time and feel triumphant just to make it to the top without stopping.

Secondly, we’re not a race, so whilst you may decide to push yourself, at certain points, there will be other times when you’ll decide to sit up, cycle (and enjoy the banter with) a slower-paced group, stop for ice cream or just enjoy the view and take it easy.

We expect anyone cycling with us to be able to complete full stages and there’s more information on speed expectations in our Loop descriptions. But with feedstops and photos, the pace feels much more leisurely than racey.

A more accurate way to cover the speed subject is to mention times: on an average undulating 180 or 190km, first week stage, with a start time of 8am, we usually expect the first cyclists to arrive at the hotel at 3pm and the last cyclists at about 6pm.

For the middle mountains, this might be between 4pm and 8pm and on the two or three toughest stages of each tour (200 kms in the Alps or Pyrenees) this can be 5pm – 9pm.

Le Loop navigates with arrows, not gpx files. Here’s why:

i. We’re a week before the pros and have a promise to the Tour de France organisers that we won’t share what’s still top secret at that stage. From early June each year you can get maps of the route (in magazines and online) which show the stage routes – but the files we have are more detailed and must be guarded with our lives!

ii.  The good news though is that we have the best arrows you’ve ever seen on an event and the vast majority of our cyclists love the ‘old school’ feeling of looking up and following the route on the road, not on a screen. For some, it might take a day or so to get used to but we get emails every year after the Tour from people joking that they’re missing the yellow arrows and wish they didn’t have to go back to their garmins.

iii.  And lastly, we really should reiterate that the arrows are brilliant; Le Loop has a reputation for being incredibly well supported, very friendly and brilliantly organised – and the arrows are a big part of that.

Unfortunately we can’t offer places for non cycling friends or partners. The main reasons are hotel capacity (we need it all for our cyclists!) and the nature of the event (which is so all-consuming in terms of energy, new friends, tour chat and evening admin that trying to make time and space for someone not participating in the cycling is much more difficult that you’d imagine, not to mention the very little time you’d spend together).

We do however offer Paris friends and family places for cyclists riding into Paris who would like to be met and cheered in on the last stage. You can invite friends and family to join you for the last night celebration party and we also have the option for them to join us for the last cycle into Paris. The places can be booked via the shop in your Rider Account.

If you have any more specific questions about friends or relatives meeting up with you in France, please email Sarah

Your fundraising target is a key part of your commitment to taking part in Le Loop. We give masses of support, ideas and tools. It’s achievable! We know it is – over 900 riders have done it before you (and we’ve done it ourselves). Ultimately though, if necessary, we will ask you to top up your fundraising yourself to reach your target.

We ask you to reach 80% of your target by the end of April and aim to get the final 20% in by the end of August.

Our strongest advice is to start your fundraising activities as soon as possible. You’ll find lots of advice, support and resources under the Fundraising tab in your Rider Account. Then throw yourselves into it with enthusiasm and a sense of fun!

We’ll put you onto one of the fantastic bikes supplied to us by our bike sponsor. We have 10 bikes, in various sizes so that you can keep riding.

We have listed recommended bike set up and spares, along with loads of other useful practical tour info under the Event Info tab in your Rider Account: ‘Pre Tour Information‘.

We carry a number of spare wheels, that we can loan to riders (for up to 2 days in addition to the day when the mechanical occurs).

We can accommodate an additional 10 sets of wheels in our vans for riders who wish to bring a spare set with them.

However, we need those riders to be prepared to loan their spare wheels to another rider for up to 2 days if another rider has a problem that can’t be solved by our standard spares. If you would like to bring a spare set of wheels and are happy with this condition, please contact Kate (first come, first served).

We do sell gels, energy and recovery drinks on tour (so you don’t need to pack a Loop’s worth) but in general we find that cyclists use much less of these products than they expect.

Our feedstops are the best you’ve ever seen on an event (and you can hold us to that) and we really encourage you to rely on normal food rather than energy products.

For multiple stage cycling, if you’re taking in too many energy products, you risk stomach problems and mouth ulcers – no fun at all!

So by all means, keep a gel in your back pocket for emergencies on the long, mountain days, but we’d really recommend that you enjoy our feedstops instead!

We don’t provide official tracking for the event, but there are many options out there for you to do this yourselves (including ‘Find Friends’ on iphone) that you can either post daily on social media or embed into a blog.

We would recommend using social media as a way of easily keeping in touch with your supporters each day without having a battery-sucking live-tracking.

We will be posting daily blogs and vlogs on our various social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – see links at bottom of website) during the tour. We’d love you to use @RideLeLoop and/or #LeLoop<year of ride> on any of your relevant posts so we can repost and share.

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