Take the Train

As you turn your attention to travel logistics and how you’ll get to/from France (or Florence), could we ask you to consider taking the train?

Train travel is far better for the environment than short haul flights and so we’re doing everything we can to show you how easy that can be…

On our Travel Advice pages in your Rider Account, you’ll find details on how to get to/from each Loop by rail as well as by air. From the UK, the Eurostar connects really easily with the TGV (high speed train) and Ouigo TGV network (priority TGV lines) as well as the reliable Intercité and TER regional and local trains.

Eurostar have finally lifted their ban on bikes, but there are some restrictions still in place, so do read their bike page carefully before booking. Alternatively, you can use our Bike Transport from the UK, meaning you can travel with just your luggage.

The speed of travel and lack of airport waiting times mean that train journeys in France are often quicker and more direct than you’d imagine. And let’s face it, relaxing on a train watching the French countryside roll by can be as enjoyable as any other part of your Loop adventure!

And for those of you coming from overseas, while the flight to Europe is inevitable, can you make your onward journey by train? There’s a TGV station in Charles de Gaulle airport, meaning that arriving in Paris on a plane can connect really efficiently with onward train travel, taking you direct to your destination city.

So before you rush to book your next flight, please do consider Taking the Train.

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