Taking the Train

Great! We’re so glad you’re considering taking the train. This page is designed to help you to make that happen.

Bikes on Eurostar

Book your Eurostar ticket here.

At the moment  (and ‘indefinitely’), due to Covid, it is not possible to transport your bike on Eurostar. We will advise when this restriction is lifted.

You can, of course, still travel by Eurostar to France and simply use our bike transport.

Bikes on French Trains

Book French trains here: SNCF

Information specific to transporting bikes is here: SNCF Bike Transport . This page is in French, but you can use google translate to change it to English.

You’ll see 3 options:
1. Travel with your bike in one piece – not disassembled. Secure it in the designated area close to your seat. You pay for this service and must book it as part of booking your ticket.
2. Travel with folding bike (irrelevant!)
3. Bike in bag/box, disassembled. However – note that the case dimensions are 130cm x 90cm, which is smaller than an evoc case that measures 136cm x 85cm. This service is free unless you choose to send as freight* and you don’t actually have to book a bagged/boxed bike onto your train ticket. It will simply be classed as another piece of luggage. Remember we cannot accommodate hard cases on tour, so a soft bike bag or cardboard bike box is your only option here.

*While there is the option to check in your boxed/bagged bike as freight, we are not inclined to recommend this as it means a 3rd party handling your bike. Ultimately it’s your choice.


If you’re keen to take the train but are confused or stuck making the booking, please email Sarah and we’ll try to answer your questions.

Below are screenshots from the SNCF website to show where and how to book your bike onto a ticket:

Where to add your bike when purchasing train ticket (only fully built bikes, not in bag/box


Bike case size restriction (free unless choose to use freight).

The TGV network

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