Riders’ Blogs – the showcase!

No one tells this story better than the riders themselves.

We show all the riders’ blogs and vlogs (that’s a video blog, to anyone over the age of 40!) from the most recent year (or at least, the ones they tell us about!), and the best blogs from earlier years. So if you haven’t already done so, settle down with a cup of tea and a biscuit and catch up on a few.

2019 Blogs & Vlogs

Roly Kitson (Grand Loop – all 21 stages … for the 2nd time (last completed in 2017)) https://rolykitsontourdeforce.wordpress.com/

Mike (Deano) Dean – repeat Grand Loop offender https://www.facebook.com/DeanoTDF/

John Griffiths – another of our loyal Alumni who just can’t keep away: https://johnstourdeforce.com

Jo, Cheryl, Becci and Jennifer – a mixture of Grand Loopers and Mountain weekers  https://www.letourdecondor.co.uk/

Some of the best from previous tours

Brian Slessor (Grand Loop – all 21 stages)  https://www.facebook.com/BGSlessor/

Team Alitex (Loop 1 – stages 1 & 2): https://www.facebook.com/TheAlitexPeloton/

Chris Stephens: https://www.instagram.com/chrisandthetour/

Ian Coop and Chris Lewis: https://crankman26.wordpress.com

Jennifer Brittain (Lifer 2016): http://www.mytourdeforce.org/

Andrew Steel (Pyrenees 2016): https://andrewsteel24hours.wordpress.com/

Team Leathers (2015) – a great corporate team blog: http://howdoyoucelebrate25yearsinbusiness.com/

John Griffiths (Big Foot Half Lifer 2016 – and check out his Lifer blog above from 2017): http://johnstourdeforce.wordpress.com

Mandy Hibberd (Lifer 2015): https://mandyhibtdf2015.wordpress.com

Lifer Ian Greasby (2014) – who did most of his training on a static bike in Siberia … honestly! We particularly recommend his final blog post: http://www.iangreasby.co.uk/blog.aspx

Neill Kemp (Lifer 2013) – got to be honest, this is a fav. Highlights are Stage 15 ‘Flying Solo’ and Stage 5 ‘Hobbits have 2 breakfasts’: http://neillkemp.blogspot.co.uk/

Simon Adams (Lifer 2013: https://www.facebook.com/SimonsTourDeFrance2013?bookmark_t=page Probably the best example of a facebook page for the Tour

Peter Addison Child (Lifer 2013): http://www.willbradleycatchme.com/


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