Training Support

The key to you having the best possible experience on Le Loop is preparation.

Yes, there’s getting the right kit to think about and yes, you will learn to love taking care of your bike (or paying for someone to do it for you!). But at the root of all this is training. Training, training, training. The hours that you put in on the bike through the winter are what will make the difference between whether you’re gritting your teeth, or enjoying soaking up the incredible views on tour.

It’s not really about speed. We don’t expect everyone to get to the same level and we have a very wide range of cycling abilities who join us. The point of training is not to be as good as the best; it’s to train to be able to spend 8 or 10 hours cycling (at your own pace) and enjoy it.

We pride ourselves on the support we provide for our riders – not just on tour, but in the months leading up to the tour too. We’re in this together! So to that end we provide the following:

Training Blog

A regular training blog from lead cyclist (and endurance racer) Emily Chappell. This will guide you through where you need to be at with your training each month. It’s motivating, encouraging and realistic – and most importantly, it will help you to understand just what riding 2 or more stages of the Tour de France route entails.

Training Weekends

2 training weekends – the first is based from Cheltenham in March and the 2nd is a gathering at the Tour of Wessex sportive – both present the perfect opportunity for back to back chunky miles, with our lead cyclist Emily there to offer guidance and tips. Of course, they’re also a chance to meet other riders taking part as well as loyal TDF Alumni. They’re great fun! Note: there is no charge for our Cheltenham training weekend, but the Tour of Wessex requires an entry fee to take part.

Strava Club

We have a Strava Club where our riders, old and new, can log their rides, share thoughts and questions. It’s a community for everyone taking part in Le Loop (and previously Tour de Force).

Team Marie

As part of a big push in 2018 to encourage even more women to take on the Tour de France route, we’ve set up a ‘Team Marie’ facebook group. Learn more about Team Marie here.