New Grants for Brilliant Charities

Thanks to you, WWMT have been able to continue to support superb charities working at grass roots with youngsters, to help keep their lives on track. Charities such as Community Cycleworks, Coram’s Fields and Sport dans la Ville (among others) who are all receiving new grants.

Community Cycleworks

A one-off £10k grant towards their Bikefix Friday project.  WWMT lead Trustee is Tim Wates.

Their mission is to change the minds of young people towards bikes, enable healthy choices and encourage them to see a bicycle as a means of transport and a  tool for discovery. Providing maintenance skills, training and ride outs, we build sustainability and confidence, with opportunities for adventure thrown in!

Our Bikefix Fridays are free to access and run every week from our workshop on the edge of Burgess Park, South London. Primarily aimed at young people between 10-18 years old, we provide them with tools, secondhand parts and mechanic support to repair their bikes and learn at the same time. Our sessions are generally busy, slightly chaotic affairs with young people looking through second-hand parts tubs for replacements, calling out to staff for extra help, showing their friends how to complete a task that they have previously learnt and taking part in some workshop chores to pay off any parts they have used, though our ‘Toil Time’ agreement.

Founded in 2012, out of the frustrations of seeing young people ridng on unsafe bikes or not being able to ride due to minor faults that could be fixed with a bit of knowledge and training. These young riders were often unable to access local bike shops with their pricing and subsequently they were also unable to take part in the Bikeability training offered in their schools. We typically work with around 400 young people at these sessions. 

Coram’s Fields

£28k grant to their Youth Programme over 3 years. WWMT lead Trustee is Jonny Wates.

Coram’s Fields have been providing outdoor play space at their remarkable central London site since 1936. It is a children’s only park and playground that also provides support services for young people.

Their mission is to provide a safe space where youngsters from 12-19 can experience achievement, leadership, enjoyment, friendship and recognition. To enable young people to progress into adulthood equipped to manage the challenges ahead of them and have meaningful relationships with their community and have broader horizons.

Support from the Youth Programme provides young people with an increased self-awareness of their behaviour, thoughts and feelings and impact on others. It provides diversion from gang activity and culture and a better social support network for young people who become more able to take up opportunities.

Our latest grant supports staffing costs for their brilliant youth club outreach programme for the next three years. 

Sport dans la Ville

A one-off £10k, one off grant. Rick Wates is lead WWMT Trustee

From sport to employment, Sport dans la Ville engages with young people through sport, to support their progress into employment. WWMT’s grant will be supporting the development and durability of their Young Talents Programme.

Their mission: To offer more opportunities to our young people. We are convinced that such experiences allow them to escape their everyday life, make them believe in themselves and give them tools to succeed in life, through cultural awareness, international network and English proficiency. Our Young Talents Program targets young people aged 18 to 25, from disadvantaged neighborhoods, and offers them the following opportunities:

  • develop English proficiency and become self-confident in English with our English Academies
  • discover the English business world and meet youth from our sister organizations in the UK through our trips abroad
  • Find a job abroad and create their own international experience thanks to our corporate network

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