It’s a Wrap! Fundraising 2018

It is with extreme pride that we can now announce the grand total for the 2018 fundraising.

We have managed to exceed all expectations and reached a colossal £361,000 for the William Wates Memorial Trust.

This means that more young people will benefit from the extraordinary support of over 20 charities nationwide that receive grants from WWMT. If you want to learn more about the charities and their work, check them out on the WWMT website. And if you would like to see their work for yourself, get in touch with Kate who will happily arrange a visit just for you, or tie you in with one of our Le Loop group visits throughout the year.

We know that taking on a cycling challenge as big as Le Loop requires huge commitment on the bike, but by accepting the fundraising challenge too, for many riders this is the greater challenge. That so many riders raise significantly over and above the targets we set is an incredible testament to their commitment, determination, ingenuity and of course their faith in the work of WWMT and the charities they support.

Le Loop is first and foremost a memorial to Will. By honouring his memory in this way, we know that we are all helping young people to live better lives – to dream big and to realise those dreams: an idea that resonates with each and every one of our riders out on the roads of France.

We cannot thank our riders and their supporters enough for yet another brilliantly successful year of fundraising.

Vive Le Tour!