Friday Featured Rider – Rob Speers

We have riders of all abilities – from newbies who buy a bike when they sign up and maybe take on a couple of stages, to real adrenalin junkies who take their riding performance seriously and have a ball at the front of a fast-moving peloton. They all get to meet and chat each day during the first 40km to feed stop 1, which is neutralised (no one leaves the feed stop until every rider is in).

Rob falls into the latter category of rider and sportsman and is returning in 2020 for his third Loop. He tells his story here …

Name – Robert Speers
Age – 42
Location – Newmarket / Cambridge

I started cycling in my early 30’s having sufferd a knee injury which put pay to my rugby career and other contact sports. It started as a way of keeping fit and active but soon turned into a way of being competative and challenging myself in a new way. Before I rode the Grand Loop in 2018 I had already done London – Paris & Jog to lands end. I had also taken out a race licence and was racing in the UK and some events abroad after the summer with Le Loop in 2018 I went on to race at the UCI grand fondo world champs in Italy in September 2018

Advice to fellow Loopers

You will love it! No matter what standard of rider you are.. there is so much support and help. It’s not a race it’s a personal challenge to complete whichever loop your doing no matter how big or small. Just keep pushing the peddals and the rest will take care of itself. Remember to enjoy it, take pictures and take it all in. Also remember what a great cause you’re raising money for in the WWMT. This will be my third year in a row riding with Le Loop.. it’s a life changing experience and I have made freinds and close bonds with people from all over the world from sharing the road and whole experience with them that I am sure will last a life time.

Where are you now?

You will find me riding my bike or on Zwift ? . Myself and my wife have our first baby due in March which will I am sure slow me down for a bit! Le Loop ( and lead cyclist Emily ) have inspired me to continue to challenge myself and see as much of the world on a bike as I can in the future – I hope with my family in tow! Thanks to Le Loop I now have people from all over the world to visit and ride with. My main target this year, (other than riding the mountains week of Le Loop) is the UCI Grand Fondo world champs in Canada.