2019 Route Rumours – Which Bucket List climbs should we expect?

The most likely answer is surely Ventoux, Ventoux and more Ventoux… which would make us very happy indeed! It’s been a couple of years since we had the pleasure and the route certainly suggests a bit of time in Provence.

The big question is maybe less ‘if’ and possibly ‘how many times?’. Imagine; twice in one tour! What would the pros think?

It would be possible to climb Ventoux on our way from Belgium to the Pyrenees – and then again as part of an Alpine finale. Alternatively (but we think less likely) might be a double ascent in one stage. We certainly won’t be surprised if we’re given two chances to cycle over the moon.

Regarding other big climbs to look out for, we’ll stick our neck out and say Hautacam in the Pyrenees and Izouard in the Alps. But we’re also very happy to wait for a couple of surprises.

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