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    The Route

    The full route for 2018 will be released in October by the Tour de France.

    Below you can find everything you need to know about the next Tour de France
    route, or you can look back at previous routes.

    Tour De France 2018 Route

    What we know so far …

    In February 2017 it was announced that the 2018 Grand Depart would return to France (there’s a tradition of switching between a French Grand Depart and a foreign one: 2013 Corsica, 2014 Yorkshire, 2015 Utrecht, 2016 Mont St Michel, 2017 Dusseldorf) – to the Pays de la Loire and the western-central department of Vendée. Just South of Nantes and north of La Rochelle, it’s an area many British holiday-makers will already be familiar with.

    As anticipated, the Passage du Gois will be the location of the Grand Depart. A sea causeway, it is entirely covered at high tide, so timing is everything to get our riders across. The route then heads down the coast for gorgeous views and rolling roads for chatting.

    Stage 2 is through a region that has been home to sprinters and although the tour will consider it a flat stage, that can still mean 1500m of climbing and plenty of lovely villages and countryside to cycle through.

    Stage 3 is a nice short time trial. To have such an early TT is a gift to our riders!

    Le Loop organiser Sarah has this to say:

    “The route looks amazing! The first 3 stages are an obvious Tour Taster: 2 full stages plus a time trial in the sun = amazing. This is a particularly beautiful and varied part of France and one the tour organisers ‎will be keen to show off. The causeway to start will be one to remember”.

    A.S.O. have announced the departure for stage 4 will be La Baule, heading North, but we don’t know the finishing location yet. It’s enough to tell us that the 2018 route is likely to head around France in a clockwise loop and there might be some surprises in store for our riders. 2017 Lead cyclist Gareth:

    “A clockwise loop is really good news – having the centre west as well as the north west is a big treat, especially if the rumours of dirt roads (of the Tro Bro Leon one day race) are true. Good on ASO for thinking of that! ‎There’s fun to be had for any Strada Bianchi pros or cyclocross specialists”.

    Gareth goes on to say: “the route almost certainly points to a finish in the Pyrenees (after the Alps) which hasn’t happened in a couple of years and will give drama and suspense”.

    Yet again, A.S.O. don’t disappoint. 2018 is looking like a really fun tour with loads of variety and plenty of interest.

    Rumours for the rest of the route will abound until the full official route release in October 2017. Whatever they throw at us, we’ll be ready to get all the logistics in place so that you can ride either all 21 stages of the epic 2018 Tour de France route (the Grand Loop), or a challenging chunk of it by choosing one of our Semi (9/10 stages) or Petit Loops (2 – 7 stages).

    Are you already planning on joining us in 2018? Don’t just watch it, ride it!

    Previous Tour Routes

    We have ridden the route of the Tour de France ever year since 2012, (as well as in 2006 and 2010 for the friends and relatives of the William Wates’ Family). Sometimes it’s fun to look back – afterall, the history and heritage of the event is all-important to Le Tour lovers. We plan to use this part of our website to look back at previous tour routes. We’ll let you know when this is ready for you to enjoy – just make sure you’ve signed up for our newsletters!

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