So many of our riders produce such brilliant, inspiring, entertaining, hilarious, heart-rending, fascinating blogs, that we have decided to showcase them all here.Coffee cycle

If you are a rider with a blog (or facebook page) not yet listed, let us know and we’ll add you below.

So – pop the kettle on and settle down for the perfect coffee break, Le Loop style!

New blogs for 2017:

John Griffiths (Big Foot Lifer):

Michael Dean, ‘Deano’: Loop/

Chris Stephens (Lifer):

Tom Holdaway (TT5):

Travis Davies (Aussie Lifer):

Ben and Robyn Reeve:

Liz Junio (Lifer):


Some of the best from previous tours:

Jennifer Brittain (Lifer 2016):

Andrew Steel (Pyrenees 2016):

Team Leathers (2015) – a great corporate team blog:

John Griffiths (Big Foot Half Lifer 2016):

Mandy Hibberd (Lifer 2015):

Lifer Ian Greasby (2014) – who did most of his training on a static bike in Siberia … honestly! We particularly recommend his final blog post:

Neill Kemp (Lifer 2013):

Simon Adams (Lifer 2013: Probably the best example of a facebook page for the Tour

Peter Addison Child (Lifer 2013):