Regenerate – a WWMT charity

On Thursday I visited Regenerate, a charity in south London which helps young people on the local estates.

The place is amazing. Really amazing. Partly because of the work they do and partly because of a very special attitude that they can help young people in London by helping less fortunate communities in Kenya and Romania.

I chatted with Andy, the founder of Regenerate who grew up on the estate and decided in his twenties that more could be done to unite people. Fast forward 15 years and he runs a youth centre, mentoring programme, sports groups and more recently, and employment project called the FEELGOOD BAKERY.

The bakery is brilliant – it employs ex gang members or young offenders and gives them training, a routine and income, which is a stepping stone to a job elsewhere. However, the idea goes even further than this by providing a meal for a child in Kenya or Romania for every sandwich bought…

Andy is keen for the young people who use Regenerate to understand the world outside their estate and to see that there are people in other countries who have far less than them. The centre organises trips to Romania and Kenya for their South London young people – many have never travelled outside the UK before and many have their lives transformed by the experience.

I urge you to watch one or two of the regenerate videos, like this one – especially those about the trips abroad. You’ll see quite how clever it is to take young people in trouble out of their environment in London and give them an opportunity to help.

And better still, as well as watching the videos, why not join me to visit Regenerate on my next visit (date TBC but we’ll let you know in the December or January newsletter).

And lastly, if you or anyone you know works in an office in London, please, please pass on this link:

Sarah (Tour organiser)