Monthly motivation - April

It’s April and we’re well past the “100 days to go” mark. Maybe you’ve had a good winter and have got out in all weathers, or have made best friends with a turbo trainer … or maybe it’s been a struggle and you’re starting to worry?

Either way, this is the month to focus seriously on getting the miles in. We’ve got advice for both scenarios as well as a few motivational thoughts from alumni cyclists…

The Rides

April should see the long rides, and specifically the back-to-back rides happening in earnest (see our training pages for advice on the right level of “long” for your Loop). It’s difficult for us to give universal advice because of the variety of Loops and ability and experience of cyclists, and it’s this diversity of cyclist that makes Le Loop so special. However, we do have a few bits of advice to share, based on years of experience…

– Don’t doubt yourself. Don’t view other people’s Strava stats as cause for concern or reason to worry.

– If you’re on track, take time to congratulate yourself and don’t panic if a cold or work deadline means you lose a few days. Consider the big picture, have confidence and carry on doing what you’re doing. 

– If you haven’t managed to increase your miles, please make a conscious effort to focus. The more you commit to the long rides, the more you will enjoy Le Loop. 

– There’s no substitute for doing the long, back to back miles. Imagine two versions of events (one where you do the long rides and one where you don’t) and use that as motivation to get out. In some ways it’s very simple; all that stands between you and the happier version of events is a few long bike rides and a couple of months of prioritising bike rides.

– If you have a genuine worry about your fitness/speed/readiness, please get in touch. You probably know deep down if you’ll get there or if you’ve bitten a bit more than you can chew. If it’s the latter, please don’t ignore the problem or hope it’ll solve itself; it won’t. If you need to switch to a shorter Loop (or one with Lite options), we can probably help

– Enjoy the training and embrace the challenge; remind yourself that you didn’t take this on because you wanted it to be easy! The reward is much bigger because of the effort that goes into taking part so try to look forward with a bit less trepidation and a bit more pride at your efforts and commitment.

The Kit - clothing

By now, you should be aiming to reach the point where you’re entirely happy with your kit and bike set up for Le Loop.

We all have favourite cycling shorts, but there’s a lot to be said for ringing the changes on tour – particularly if you’re riding more than 2 or 3 stages. Different shorts have different friction points, so switching about a bit will mean avoiding repeated pressure or friction anywhere that could ultimately lead to issues.

In terms of clothing, please remember that while we obviously hope we’ll have 3 weeks of glorious sunshine falling somewhere between 20 and max 30 degrees, the reality if often very different. Trust us when we say we’ve had riders close to hypothermia as well as others with heatstroke, sometimes only a week apart! So, pack your kit accordingly. If it’s a filthy day in the mountains, you might need full winter kit including full finger gloves, rain jacket and legs. We’ve experienced -1˚ on Alpine cols before now and, if a rainy descent follows, you’ll be glad of every layer you can get your hands on.

Likewise, on steaming hot days you’ll be glad of the lightweight jersey that isn’t ‘boil-in-the-bag-black’.

We’re not trying to tell you to empty your wardrobe into your luggage, but please do think this through carefully and pack with all eventualities in mind (while never forgetting that you’ll be hauling your luggage in and out of hotels most days – so you can leave the kitchen sink at home!).

It’s worth reminding you to bring along your favoured chamois cream and to apply it liberally. We do keep an extra stock in our Tour Shop (available from the evening mechanics’ van each day) but this is usually Sudacrem (medicated and nice and slippery – it does the perfect job) so if you’re picky about your brand, bring your own supplies.


Our Monthly Motivation blogs have all been about kit and preparation for the cycling, but April is a really important month for your fundraising. As you’ll have gathered by now, the pace for training is picking up and you’ll be spending more and more time out on the bike, leaving you with less time to focus on your fundraising. Get your target nailed now, then you can get back to riding your bike!

IMPORTANT – we require you to reach 80% of your fundraising target by the end of April.

Please, please do everything in your power to meet this deadline. We’re here to help with tonnes of advice and encouragement (check out the fundraising pages in your Rider Account as well as the charity pages on our website), so if you’re concerned, get in touch with Kate and she’ll help.

We’ve got masses of experience in fundraising. We know that fundraising is harder for some than it is for others, but ultimately, you will not be allowed to ride with us if you have not met your fundraising commitment. Radio silence isn’t going to make the fundraising go away, so get in touch. Note: you have until end August to pull in the final 20%.

For the vast majority of our riders, the charity aspect of taking part in Le Loop becomes a (often unexpected) huge source of satisfaction and inspiration. Our heartfelt advice is to embrace it, be proud of it and let it motivate and inspire you through the tough stages and the big mountain climbs. Our gratitude to you and your supporters for your fundraising efforts knows no bounds. Chapeau!

Alumni Motivators

Sometimes the best motivation is just to hear how those before you have got on and get a sense of the feeling you’ll have when you’re on Tour and once you’ve completed your challenge – so we’ve gone back to some of the comments we’ve received from alumni cyclists and we hope that reading this little list will spur you on and motivate you with “le feeling” of Le Loop!

Simply amazing! I could list lots of superlatives, but the event is the best thing I’ve ever done. I connected with it physically, emotionally and spiritually, the latter two I had not expected at all. It is unique in so many ways, it is physically challenging and needs to be trained for, but it simply is incredible.

Amazing. It was the best three weeks of my life. Every second was just fantastic. It was three weeks of highs; I don’t remember any lows.

During the harder and more difficult moments on the road, in the mountain stages, the thought that people had ‘invested’ in me, and were supporting me and the WWMT helped to ease the pain in the legs and help drive me up the mountains

It was one of the best and hardest things I’ve ever done and left me with some brilliant memories.

My only regret was not signing up for more stages! Hopefully next year ..

An amazing experience that’s highly supportive and inclusive, and which enables you to experience a challenge and adventure you otherwise might not take on.

You have the food on the road just right, and I came back with most of the gels and energy bars i took out!

The whole team exudes competence, reassurance and openness. Everyone’s approachable and supportive.

I really enjoyed the mix of people (both staff and participants) and the impact that mix had on the camaraderie, mutual supportiveness and sense that we were all engaged in something with a common purpose that was not just about personal performance on our bikes.

A proper cycling event that deserves respect, but with a soul & personality that makes it much more. And, no ego!

The event has so many important components; we raised money for the WWMT, we overcame a physical challenge, we saw a beautiful country and met some fantastic new friends. These things made it a truly memorable experience.

The best thing I have ever done!

Have a fantastic month, ride LOADS and we’ll be back in May!

Vive Le Tour!

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