Friday Featured Rider - Simon

Following on from the last popular Friday Featured Rider Ruth, we’d like to introduce you to Simon. 

Like Ruth, this will be Simon’s 3rd time on tour this summer. He’s a brilliant example of the vast majority of our field of riders – some who loves to ride his bike, but taking part in Le Loop has been a great step up from his usual rides, gradually increasing the size of Loop he rides each time. He’s also a rider who (like many) embraced the charity aspect of taking part, and enjoyed the added deep sense of satisfaction and a ‘job well done’ that he gained from that.  Massive thanks to Simon for agreeing to be our Friday Featured Rider this week.

Vive Le Tour!

Meet Simon Oates ...

AGE: 46
LOCATION: Guildford, UK


Before my first Loop (Alpes Loop in 2019) I’d only done a handful of local sportives over the years (and usually the short routes).  I was nothing more that an occasional / recreational cyclist.


Le Loop really is an experience of a lifetime.  Riding through the high mountains in summer is exhilarating and tough in equal measure. But your fellow riders, the Le Loop crew and the inspirational visits from the young people helped by the charity get you through it.  You will come back a different person!

For anyone thinking of signing up – do it.  With a bit of planning and dedication to your training you will be surprised what you can achieve. And you will be raising money to support some fantastic charities.

For first-timers riding this year, long back to back training rides each weekend will set you up for success. Doing these consistently will give you the fitness and endurance to enjoy your time in France. Once on tour, find some similarly paced riders and stick together. The KM’s tick down so much quicker when you are in a group, helped along by encouragement from fellow riders, a bit of drafting, and some good banter. Oh and whatever you have heard about the feed stops … they are better than you can ever imagine!


After my first Le Loop trip in 2019, I’ve never looked back.  I loved my new found fitness so kept up the cycling,.  I did the Mountains Week Loop in 2022 (7 amazing stages), and I’m back to do the Mountains Week Loop again in 2024 … with a few additional stages thrown in to the finish line in Nice.

Chapeau Simon! We’re all looking forward to seeing you again in France. Best of luck with the rest of your training!

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