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We open sales for 2020 on Friday 26th July 2019

… but the route isn’t released by A.S.O. (the Tour de France organisers) until late October. So how does this work?
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July – Oct 2019

At 9am on Friday 26th July 2019, sales will open for the 2020 Le Loop and the first 100 places released.

By clicking on ‘Book 2020’ in the menu bar on the home page, it will be possible to buy one of 2 options at that point:

  1. Grand Loop Deposit (£500) to ride all 21 stages of the 2020 route
  2.  Guaranteed Loop Deposit (£250) to ride from 2 to 10 stages of the 2020 route

Places are sold on a first come, first serve basis. Please note that Grand Loop places tend to sell out very quickly (ie. same day) but we run a waiting list. If you are unlucky enough to miss out on a place, please email sarah@rideleloop.org and request to be put onto the waiting list.

If you wish to ride any Loop other than the Grand Loop (all 21 stages of Le Tour), you need to buy a Guaranteed Loop Deposit. This will guarantee you a place on the Loop of your choice once the route is released and our Loops have been finalised.

Please note that deposits are non-refundable. We strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance at the time of securing your place on Le Loop

Late Oct 2019

A.S.O. (the official organisers of the Tour de France) announce the 2020 route with great pomp and ceremony. We immediately start securing hotel space and designing our Loops. We aim to publish these 1 week later.

Anyone who has bought a Guaranteed Loop now chooses their Loop.

Nov 2019

2nd wave of Le Loop sales open with 100 additional places released.

If you prefer to know the route before you commit, you will need to wait until the official route announcement in October. We will publish our 2020 Loops around 1 week later. You can then puchase the Loop of your choice by paying the deposit of £250. Please note we cannot guarantee availability on every Loop as all places may already have been allocated to those riders who bought a ‘Guaranteed Loop Deposit’ but we will always do our very best to accommodate you.

Costs & Fundraising Commitment

Cyclists pay their own tour costs to Le Loop and agree to raise a minimum sponsorship for the William Wates Memorial Trust (paid directly to the Trust).

The basic cost for a Loop is £165 per night which covers food, accommodation, transport on tour and a small admin fee. Please note that specific logistics can mean small supplements which will always be listed in the booking notes (eg. TGV transfers or particularly nice hotels).

Exact details are available on the Loop Options page so this table is as a guide only to give you an idea of how it works:

Stages Ridden Overnights Cost to Cyclist Minimum Sponsorship
2 3 £495 £800
3 4 £660 £1200
7 8 £1320 £1200
10 (including 1 rest day) 12 £1980 £1500
21 (including 2 rest days and a Paris supplement) 24 £4060 £3000

Sign up will be online on a first come, first served basis. A £250, non-refundable deposit (£500 for Grand Loopers) will be paid at time of sign up. The remainder of the tour cost will be payable in two instalments in January and March. For further information on payment, please see our Terms and Conditions.

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