Silent Disco Fundraiser – How to!

Mike Ruth has held 2 Silent Discos over the past few months with great success, making over £1,000 for each night! For this event you need to be able to sell tickets to a good 100 participants – so make sure you can access a big group of friends, colleagues, fellow school parents & youngsters. If you can pull in the numbers, you’re all set for a really fun way to fundraise!


What we really enjoyed about doing this was the fact that everybody really enjoyed themselves. I can recommend it as a feel-good way of raising money.


Mike’s detailed how he went about it so that you can learn from his experience (nice one Mike – cheers!). Try it!


We sold around 100 tickets at £10 per ticket.
Taking out all the above costs the profit for the night was £1060


Cost of hiring 125 headphones (The Silent Disco Company) £275
We sorted out our own playlists and Bluetooth devices (iPads x three)
They do offer this service, obviously you would pay more for this.

Drinks & Venue

Hire of local town hall and alcohol license £90

Red wine, white wine, lager and fizz bought on sale or return from Majestic Wine.
We also used their free glass hire (with deposit)
Cider and soft drinks we bought from the supermarket.

We marked up all the alcohol by at least 100% (keep to round figures makes it much easier on the night)


On the night we sold:
Lager X 112 bottles
Red wine X 12 bottles white wine X 15 bottles
Fizz X6 bottles
Cider X 66 cans
Soft drinks X 30 cans

And industry top tips for how to make your silent disco a success:

    • Choose the right space

    You are aiming for an intimate atmosphere for Silent Discos, check your numbers and consider your space carefully. If you have too much space available for people to mill around in the ‘corners’ the people dancing may well feel more self conscious. Choose a room that immerses everyone in the experience.

    • Make sure you order enough headsets

    The silent disco is ALWAYS very popular. Even those die hard bar proppers who normally refuse to dance won’t be able to resist the dance floor once they stick on a pair of headsets! So make sure you’ve got enough for all of your guests.

    • Manage the headphones properly

    Depending on the size of your Silent Disco, different measures will be necessary to ensure no one wonders off with a set of headphones. For larger events you might consider taking a deposit, having door staff and someone dedicated to managing the headphones. For smaller affairs, you could just take ID card for the duration of the party or if it’s a private party there’s prob no need for either. Make sure that everyone that enters has their own pair of headphones, this reduces the likelihood of swapping and people claiming they didn’t have a pair when in fact they lost them!

    • Have background music

    We all love to have a little chat at a party, but taking headphones off to a room of silence or singing can be a little odd. Set the atmosphere and have some quiet ambient music playing, whether this be one of the channels or something else entirely. It will also ease people into the experience at the start of the night.

    And perhaps most importantly…..

    • Get the music right!

    We’ve seen the best of the best silent parties over the years, the most successful ones without doubt are the ones who get the music right! So key things to remember. Make sure you have a lot of variety. One of the best things about having a silent disco is that you can cater for all tastes. Choose 3 playlists with a really wide range of music on there so that if people don’t like what’s on green they can flick to blue or red and so on. Don’t be afraid of a bit of cheese! Silent discos shouldn’t be taken too seriously and a healthy dose of cheesy pop always goes down well. Remember if you’ve got some musical snobbery in your ranks then don’t worry, they can switch to one of the ‘cooler’ channels while you & your mates have it out to the Macarena!! Lets put on our classics and have a little dance shall we.You can’t go wrong with classic party anthems and feel good tunes. Power Ballads. ALWAYS a winner at a silent disco. A dancefloor full of people singing along (often badly) to Mr Brightside, Livin’ on a Prayer or Bohemian Rhapsody is truly a site to behold!