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    The Winch – Case Study

    The local community of Swiss Cottage has come to rely on The Winch to provide a safe and constructive environment in which their children can take part in social, recreational and educational activities. Their Play provision (ages 4 to 12) is a sought-after resource for out-of-school provision often well over-subscribed. Their Youth provision (ages 11 to 25) works with young people through transition between schools and to independence, developing character strengths, skills and experience through a variety of informal educational opportunities, including mentoring, sports (e.g. boxing and football), arts and drama and community activities.

    The Winch have recently launched a five-year strategic plan to build The Promise Academy, to tackle the effects of child poverty in the borough and transform the life chances of children and young people, through their unique impact driven, “cradle-to-career” model of services and support. Over the next five years they will be greatly increasing their focus specifically on working with children and young people who are considered most vulnerable or hard to reach, with the aim of working with them to develop their character strengths, skills and aspirations, and equip them to build a positive future.


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