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    Westminster House Youth Club – Case Study

    Westminster House Youth Club

    The Westminster House Youth Club is in Nunhead (Southwark); an area beset by typical inner-city problems: high unemployment, crime, WHYC logodrugs, violence, a high incidence of underage sexual activity, etc. Approximately 70% of their users are from Black and minority ethnic groups. Very few of their users come from two parent families and many come from households where there is drug and alcohol abuse or where the address has been brought to the attention of the anti-social behaviour unit.

    The Club is right in the middle of the “no mans land” between rival gangs which has been highlighted in the national media and which has resulted in shootings and gang violence. In spite of all this, WHYC have confidence in their ability to rise above the low expectations placed upon them.

    Westminster House offers the Duke of Edinburgh Award at Bronze, Silver and Gold level. Their young people are not the regular face of Duke of Edinburgh and they would not access the opportunities offered by the Award anywhere else except at the Club.

    WWMT have awarded WHYC a grant to pay for their D of E provision for the next 3 years.

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